the penny top bar

(If you’ve haven’t heard this story, ask Andrew to tell it.)

It started with an idea Andrew had—a penny top bar, but with British pennies! Turns out, it’s not that simple. You can’t just order British coins from a bank (or even the Embassy). Luckily our good friend Kristy happened to be in London whilst we were doing construction on the building.We asked her for £200 of two pence coins. Kristy arrives at the bank in central London 15 minutes before they close (classic Kristy) and they were short of coins. So she bought all the coins they had. She runs into a ducky old British lady who says “I have some coins in my flat, would you like to see them?”. 

They go on an adventure to her flat and, like most grandmothers, she has Ziploc baggies full of coins—from all over the world!—all mixed together and all strewn throughout her flat. So, they start tearing open the baggies of coins to sort through and find the British coins and 20 minutes into this project the ducky old British lady says “This is a lot of work, shall we have some tea?”— and that is how we got the coins for our bar top.

(Assembling the coins in their current order is a whole different story.)


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